Monday, February 1, 2010

Go Sparklers!

We have been so busy, mainly with fun stuff and a lot of school. Lindy and Paige are both cheering this year. Paige decided to give it a try. She is having fun and really likes the practices, the games not so much. She really does not like to be in front of groups. She is doing better, this week she actually said the cheers not just going through the motions! She says she wants to go back to basketball next year since there is more action there.
Anyway, we took snacks this week and the girls love to bake. We tried to get creative with using our team colors and their squads name "Sparklers". We got the orange and blue covered and used fancy toothpicks to look like sparklers. They were a hit and all the girls loved them! Most importantly Lindy and Paige had a ball making them. Other than helping to ice them they did the rest on their own.

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Gretchen said...

You girls rock!!!!