Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We were having a lazy Saturday morning before we started running to activities when the doorbell rang with Valentine cheer. Bill likes to spoil all of his girls with a little Valentine treat and sends flowers to us every year. The girls were very excited (I don't think they remember that he sends them something so it is always a surprise!) with pretty vases that had a cute bear and rose, very girly! Erin went running through the house carrying her vase to show everyone.

Bill's girls

Last week I went to Pizazz It and picked up this adorable card kit for the girls. It had 25 valentines to assemble and they loved it! We then added these to our collection to deliver this morning to the nursing home. We have been delivering Valentine's there for the last couple of years and the kids really enjoy it. We had close to 35 Valentine's this year so we were there visiting for a while after church this morning.

Ready to deliver!
We made a big dinner and ate by candlelight in the dining room. Gretchen and Mimi joined us for dinner, dessert, and valentine exchanging. It was a great night! Dessert is molten chocolate cake, fresh berries, and homemade vanilla ice cream. I only get around to making it once a year but it is so worth it!


Twin love!

Sisterly love

I am so proud of these boys! They really don't care much about Valentine's Day but they always rise to the occasion. Both of them spent a great deal of time making their own Valentine's to give to all of the family. They both make them personal with poems and pictures that are well received and treasured.


Laura said...

Looks like a very sweet day in your house! YUM! And what a good idea handing out Valentines to the folks in nursing homes. Very sweet!

Gretchen said...

So much fun!! The food and especially the company was fabulous!! Margot you may have to make that dessert for Whitney.... she would love it!!