Friday, February 26, 2010

Congratulations Ethan!

Ethan is officially a Boy Scout! Last night he crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. He is going to Kyle's troop and they were there last night to receive him into the new troop. He was anxious about the actual ceremony. He was worried about what to do when they called his name and of course they called his first. He did great and I think he even had a little bit of fun!
Great job on your Cub Scout career, Ethan. You worked hard and accomplished so much. Be proud of yourself, Daddy and I are very proud of you.

The boys names are burned onto the bridge for the crossover. We found Kyle's from two year ago and now Ethan is added.

Flag ceremony

Ethan receives his Arrow of Life. The arrow has all the things that Ethan has accomplished during his Cub Scout years.

Ethan is received into the new troop.

Bill and Ethan

Molly and AnnMarie were there to watch their brother so all the girls had a great time hanging out together. Good thing because the ceremony was a bit on the long side and they had each other to keep them company!


Rob M. said...

Congratulations, Ethan. "You da Man"!!! Keep it up in Boy Scouts!


Laura said...

Congratulations Ethan! Have a great time with Boy Scouts!

The Jackson Juniors said...

Congrats, Ethan!! Have a great time in Boy Scouts, especially the time you'll have with Kyle. It's neat you two will be able to journey together.

Gretchen said...

Congrats Ethan... way to go!!!!