Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brownies Love Valentine's Day

Our troop is filled with love!

After two meeting cancellations due to the snow, we finally got to meet and have our Valentine Party. What a great day we had, we completed our Safety Try it, played in the snow, and had a party. Here are some pictures from our day.

Valentine treats from me!

Lindy made these little umbrellas.

Paige made candy cell phones.

I made cupcakes, "you take the cake"!

Paige and Annabel working on posters for our cookie sale.

Lindy and Claire coloring posters.

Katie, Lily, and Brooke

We worked on our Safety Try it and learned how to take care of someone who is choking. Here is Faith practicing on Skylar.

We also made these cute little emergency memo boards for the fridge. They are just chipboard covered in scrapbook paper with places for the girls to fill in all of their emergency numbers. Then we put magnets on the back.

We headed outside for great snow fun. Ethan was the target of many snowballs.

I'm so glad they were all able to get together and play, we don't usually have this much snow at once.


Laura found a glacier on our slide!

Laura was also the snack person for the meeting and brought this beautiful cake! Perfect for a party!

Last minute snow snack before cake! Paige and Faith were crazy!

All the girls put so much effort in their boxes and their Valentine treats. It was so sweet to see how much they care about each other. Rebekah had an adorable box!

Erin had so many cards to pass out, she was so excited to be included.

Paige waiting for deliveries!

Lily likes her little umbrella from Lindy. Look at all those treats Lily brought!

Lyza was also tickled to be included with the "big" girls.

Christa made it just in time for the party. Yea!

These girls are all so sweet complimenting each other on how cute their Valentine's were.

Skylar making a "call"!

How adorable are these little critters?! Faith and Rebekah gave these to me, how cute!

Skylar made me this beautiful pop up card. It was so very sweet, brought tears to my eyes. I treasure all the little notes I get from the girls.

What a great day we had! Truly a wonderful bunch of girls!

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