Sunday, September 6, 2009

Let the Celebrating Begin!

Paige and Lindy close to turning 8!
I have no idea what happened for the last 2 weeks but things went crazy. We have been doing school, getting ready for a vacation, and trying to get everything wrapped up before we leave. Throw in there a sick boy and I have lost total track of blogging. Yes, Kyle is better. We thought he might have had appendicitis but it looks like something more along the lines of a kidney stone of something very similar. All I know is I have never seen the boy in so much pain in his life. I am so very happy to see him on the mend.
Back to these smiling girls! They are starting their birthday celebration very early. Since they have to share I think that is just fine. They never think it ever as "my" birthday it is always "our" birthday. Which is very sweet but I always want to make sure that they are happy celebrating that way. Well, "they" wanted a camera to "share". Grommy came down today to deliver their little red camera with a cute little camera purse. They love it! After a brief in service with Bill, they were up and snapping everything. The little video part is also a favorite. Watch out You Tube here they come.
The celebrating will continue next weekend in Hawaii, where we will be vacationing and celebrating with one of their best friends, Alyssa. They can hardly wait. Then they get to celebrate with their cousins in California before returning home the night before their actual birthday. Like I said when you share your special day, you deserve a little extra partying!
Thank you Grommy! We love our camera!

Erin enjoying the new girly DS games the girls got for the plane.
We have a picture like this after they were born where they were all snuggled into their Daddy. Not much has changed!


Laura said...

Margot, you have some very sweet girls :) I hope you all have a great time in Hawaii! Have a safe trip! Post lots of pictures!

Laura said...

I'm so happy Kyle is feeling better! :)