Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Lindy & Paige

The girls celebrated their 8th birthday Monday. We returned home at midnight the night before and with our jet lag our day was very messed up. I was making cookies for the kids at 2am. Bill was grocery shopping at 1am. The kids were all up playing and watching TV until 3am. Very strange, but to us it felt like 9pm. Finally we all headed to bed and slept until 11am and some until noon. Half of the girls day was gone! Fortunately the birthday festivities were in full swing.

We celebrated in Hawaii with Alyssa and in California with all of our extended family. So Monday's celebration was pretty small. Paige had asked for a skateboard and Lindy wanted a Baby Alive. They had a Target gift card from my aunt and uncle burning a hole in their pocket so we did a little shopping. We finished up with cake and their friends that evening. I can't believe they are 8! Time has gone so fast with them. I have to look at pictures of their first year to remember everything as it is such a blur!

One thing I will never forget is that they have always had a bond unlike any I have ever seen. They are more than best friends and are always there for each other. I love you girlies! Hope you had a great birthday ~Mommy

Thanks for our books grandpa!So many cakes so little time! They picked little individual cakes that they wanted to have when Aunt Gretchen stopped by before bed.
They shared this big buckeye cake with their friends.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Paige and Lindy! Love the cakes!

Gretchen said...

So very cute!!! And I am right there with you Margot, I can NOT believe that the girls are 8 years old!!! Holy cow! Love the birthday smiles!

Whitney said...

All that cake and no Aunt Whit...that is a travesty! Cake = me; me = cake. I hope you ate and loved every bite of those beautiful cakes! I know I would have. No leftover, dried up pieces had I been there!!! :D

Whitney said...

Sorry I was so distracted about the cakeS to forget to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDY & PAIGE!!!

Jennifer James said...

Happy Birthday Lindy and Paige! I can't believe you guys are eight!!! I remember coming to the hospital to visit you. It really does not seem like 8 years!!!