Monday, September 7, 2009

Bon Voyage Jacksons!

We are really going to miss all of you!
Once again we had a great time hanging out. Angie, thanks so much for bringing food and wine! What a great theme dinner - clean out our fridges and freezers! I have no pictures of Kyle and Zack since they were MIA. But all these girls are adorable.
I will miss all our laughs. I can't believe you are actually leaving! Let me know what I can do to help you get a co-op up and running! We are looking forward to planning our great RV trip out west and we will have to spend some time at your new home.
Have a safe move! Congrats Jay, sorry we are missing your big day. Let me know if I can borrow your girls for cookie selling in February! I am really going to miss this little Brownie as will her troop.
Best wishes for your new life in North Dakota.
Love from all the Millers

Lindy and Mackenzie took plenty of pictures of each other!

The girls!

We love you Mackenzie!

This little girl was an awesome cookie seller, we hope she thinks of all of us when she wears this shirt.

Erin is going to miss her "Cassidy".

I had to put this picture in of Paige and Kyle. They were so intent on looking at pictures and looked so sweet.


The Jackson Juniors said...

Thank you Millers for being a part of our lives. We will truly miss each and every one of you. We are excited about your RV trip, too - we'll be looking forward to seeing you and having great belly laughs!!

Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us come over the other night! I had so much fun hanging out with all of you and of course Erin! I'll miss all of you SO MUCH! You guys have been great to hang out with and I too am looking forward to your RV trip. lol! Tell everyone I say HI and we'll see you in a year or so.

~Cassie~ aka "Cassidy" ;)