Saturday, September 19, 2009

Checking out the Beach

We went into the town of Kona and shopped and walked by the ocean. This was the view along the way. The water is crystal clear blue and so beautiful. The beach we stopped at was rocky and pretty rough to swim. The kids had a great time exploring and looking at all the rocks and coral. It was mesmerizing to watch these huge waves. With all the rocky areas there were tons of crabs and mollusks to see.

I could sit here all day and look at this.

This guy climbed out of his shell so we could check him out.

Paige found this huge piece of coral in the rocks. We found lots of smaller pieces in all different colors.

Right after I took this picture a huge wave came all the way up past Ethan's knees. It covered the rocks and he slipped, fell, cut his leg and soaked all his clothes. That was definitely the end of his fun - poor boy.


Laura said...

I had to click on your pictures to bring them up full size! That water looks amazing! What an adventure!

My in-laws went a few years ago and they said the same thing about the pineapple. They said it's so much better, sweeter, than what we have access to here. Eat up! It all looks yummy!

Gretchen said...

How beautiful!!!!!!

Jennifer James said...

Beautiful pictures Margot!