Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Time in Our Beautiful Surroundings

Plumaria, by far my most favorite flower here. It is very fragrant and smells very similar to the Gardenia my favorite flower.

I wish that I could put the sounds and smells of Hawaii on my blog. The scenery is exceptionally beautiful. When combined with the flowers and the neat birds that make sounds I have never heard, it is unlike any other place in the world.

I have so many pictures this is just a small sample. I am very excited to get my scrapbook under way at home so we can enjoy this trip for years to come.

Our house was beautiful and very homey. It had the most lush landscaping and many views of the Pacific. The kids loved swimming in the pool many times a day. This was truly an adventure trip with many new experiences, we made memories of a lifetime.

I have no idea what these are! We had so many trees that produce different kinds of fruits, many I have no idea what they were but just seeing them was neat.

The Hibiscus are everywhere and so beautiful. We learned in our Pre-Hawaii study that this is the state flower but in yellow.

There were numerous banana trees throughout the yard. These were right off of our bedroom deck.

Ethan enjoyed the pool and spent many hours relaxing and floating about. Kyle spent lots of time being a fantastic big brother and catching Erin and giving her rides in the water. The girls just had a ball!

Erin started her mornings off dipping her feet in the pool and playing her ukulele.

Kyle got a chance to play like a teenager and soak everyone with his cannon balls.

We all enjoyed having time with Bill. It was nice to have a longer time away with him. Everyone has enjoyed good quality family bonding!

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Gretchen said...

Ok.... everyone is just too cute and adorable!!!!!! What fun!!