Monday, September 28, 2009

Looking for Black Sand

I love this sign! It is going to have to go somewhere in my house. I am pretty sure I will not go to many places where falling coconuts will be a problem. This is from one of Hawaii's State Parks that is a lava field with a very, very, unimproved road. I have never been on a road like it. Our car looked like it was bouncing on another planet.

We were looking for the only black sand beach on the Kona side of the island. According to our guide book we had to drive through and then walk a little ways to get to it. Well the walking conditions were more for adults. There was no way Erin could have done it. So we settled for the salt and pepper sand and playing on the beach. No one minded and we still had fun. The sand we saw was still unlike any along the Carolina beaches we usually go to.

The water is much rougher also so we did not go "out" too far. We stayed right on the beach and got plenty wet. The kids had a great time in the water and liked what we did walk of the lava rock.

The lava fields that the "road" went through. It looks like something from space.

This was some of the rock we would have had to walk on to get to the black sand. Some were even more rocky and sharp. Not flip flop friendly!

There were some large holes in the rocks along the way.

Erin was pretty proud of this shell she found intact. She really is happy the sun was just in her eyes.

Total beach bums within seconds!

The wave loving boy! Ethan is such a beach boy. This was one of his favorite activities.

Lindy about got swept away a couple of times. Bill stood guard and grabbed kids if they started getting knocked down. It was quite comical.

The best part, we had the beach to ourselves. Probably because not many people are crazy enough to drive back there!

Erin was about losing her suit!

There is a hole in the sand on the left side near the middle of this picture where a sand crab was running in and out of. I was able to get a picture of him I just can't find it in all of my pictures. But this gives an idea of what the beach looked like.

Erin loved everything we did. She never complained and she just napped when she got tired. We would wake her up when we got somewhere and she popped right out of the car and was ready to go. Oh, if we could all travel like that!


Laura said...

Wow Margot! That beach is gorgeous! And I love the pictures of the kids! The one of them all together is so cute! I bet you're having a ball going through these pictures and reliving your weeks there!

Gretchen said...

On a day like this I SO wish I were on that beach! Beautiful pics!