Monday, September 28, 2009

Lindy & Erin's Aloha

Lindy and I spent one evening taking her picture for her 8th birthday. The first house we stayed in had a very lush yard with many flowers and trees. Perfect for a photo shoot and Lindy was more than willing. In fact she showed up in a new dress and announced she was ready for her pictures. Those always make the best ones. Erin decided to participate later as it was getting dark. I got a few before the lighting faded. Enjoy!

Plumeria, so very fragrant.

We held onto our luau leis for a few days. They were so pretty it was hard to throw them away. Plus we had never had real flower leis before!

There was a wall made of lava rock around the front of the yard. Lava rock was everywhere, believe me there is still plenty in the lava fields for years to come!

I remember sitting on the side of my grandma's pool in the evening dipping my feet. This reminds me of being little.

Erin loved these stone pineapple statues. She spent a long time finding fallen flowers and decorating them.

Silly little girl poses!


Jennifer James said...

Wow, those photos are amazing! The first one of Lindy is my favorite!!!

Rob M. said...

The first pic of Lindy, and the last two of Erin are priceless! You've got such a wonderful family, cute little girls and handsome boys, and they are all intelligent!

Eventually I'll get that stuff I promised in the mail. I've got a sinus infection, and can't do much right now.


Laura said...

So very cute! You have a good eye, Margot! (and very pretty subjects ;))

Gretchen said...

Lindy-loo I love your photos, they turned out great! The flowers are so very pretty and Erbear you are so funny!