Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scenes from Oahu

Erin, who has quickly gotten absorbed into Polynesian culture and her Daddy.

Our time in Oahu was crazy quick, less than 48 hours. Our main purpose was to get Kyle to Pearl Harbor. It was a beautiful island, one that needs weeks to be explored. I am so glad that we got our hula lesson, the Arizona Memorial, and the Polynesian Cultural Center done. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from our brief stay there.

The mountains are breath taking. This was our view out one side of the car. The other was the Pacific. I could hardly take pictures it was so amazing everywhere I looked. I have truly never seen anything like this.

This was the view from our hotel that sat on the marina in one of the many bays in Oahu. Thank you Chris for helping me figure out a place to stay. Our rooms were perfect and as you can see the view was incredible.


Laura said...

I'm so enjoying you pictures, Margot! I had to bring them up nice and big on my computer to see every detail! Love it! You are a very lucky girl :)

The Jackson Juniors said...

I love the pictures!! Looks and sounds like you guys are busy but having a very nice time.