Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Kyle wearing his Grandpa's army shirt and his great-grandpa's hat that he got for his birthday.

Dear Kyle,

I can't believe you are 13 today! It does not seem possible that you have become a teenager. It seems like just yesterday you were born. Blue and not breathing and stressing us out. You spent 4 days in NICU and we had to leave you and come back to get you after I was sent home. Dad and I were crying when we left and crying when we went back to get you! We were such emotional first time parents!

My how time has flown. You are a fabulous young man! Kind, courteous, sweet, loving, smart, and funny. Your little sisters adore you. You are Ethan's best friend. You have made so many accomplishments in just this last year, getting to dark blue belt in Karate and becoming a First Class Scout. Dad and I are so very proud of you and your determination in accomplishing your goals.

Don't lose sight of your dreams. You have an incredible confidence and spirit. You are a hard worker with a wonderful sense of humor. You are an absolute joy to be around. Whatever you set your mind to I know that you will accomplish, from becoming an Eagle Scout to running for President! You are a joy to teach and your love of learning and determination makes me so proud.

Have a wonderful day, we all love you very much.



We are proud parents!

We couldn't ask for a better big brother!

This is Kyle's regular happy spirit!

The 3 is not sinking it has just had some busy years! We can't replace it now, it has too much history!

He is a wonderful nephew and grandson.

So gracious and apprciative of everything he is ever given or of any experiences he has.

These girls know how lucky they are to have him for a brother. They hear friends complaining about their big brothers and they don't have anything to say but good things about their Kyle.

And these two, well they have a special little bond!

Lindy and I love you very much!


Rob M. said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

I'm still looking for some of your Great Grandpa's "Army Stuff", just not having much luck finding what I'm looking for! I know I've got 2 hats "somewhere." I think Uncle Dave has all of it, but he thinks I do! I'll find it all eventually!

Enjoy your birthday, you only get ONE a year!

(Great) Uncle Bobby

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Kyle from all the Wilson's!

Margot, your letter is beautiful :)

The Jackson Juniors said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle!! From all the Jacksons

You are a wonderful young man, always be just you!!

Gretchen said...

Kyle I hope you had a great 13th b-day!!! You are a wonderful big brother, son, grandson and nephew! I had a great time for your birthday dinner, what a fabulous menu!!

Margot, I am sure you cried while writing that post... it was very nice.

Rob M. said...

I think it's really great that so many people contribute to Kyle's hobby/possible vocation, of Military/Army/War things. So neat to have a "REAL" shirt with his last name already on it!