Monday, August 3, 2009

I Wish I Was 7

Erin loves putting her feet in the water during Lindy and Paige's swim lessons. She has been tagging along to all of the girls activities and I don't blame her. Along with swim lessons last week and this week, Lindy and Paige have quite the fun filled summer. Things are starting to wind down and I am looking forward to one month of minimal commitments. Kyle will still keep me on my toes!

June was filled with camp and VBS. July started all of our summer "classes". I told myself we were not going to over commit to things this summer but apparently that went in one ear and out the other. It doesn't help that Lindy and Paige want to do it all. And as long as it is something they really want to do and is a quality activity I am fine with that. Here are pictures of their swim lessons and scrapbooking class.

They also have Ballroom Dancing twice a week and competitive dance readiness once a week. They both really want to try competition dance this coming year. So their dance shoes have had quite the work out.

They are doing great at swimming!

Paige loves the slide. She and Ethan go down it constantly when we go to the pool. Lindy went down once in class when they had to and she is done with it. She would not try the diving board at all!
With wet hair we are off to the scrapbook store on Mondays. The girls are taking a class on making a chipboard album about themselves. They are sharing a kit since we had to miss many classes at the beginning due to other commitments. But they are learning so much and still able to try everything, carefully dividing pages and embellishments. It is really turning out cute.

Lindy got to use real sand to make a sand castle. She also learned how to use the sticker machine to make her own stickers.

Erin brings her sticker box and works away in her sticker books. It is so fun to share your hobby with your kids. We are all having so much fun learning and working together.
Not to shabby of a summer if your seven!

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Gretchen said...

What fun!! far better than my Monday morning! I love Erin's Halloween t-shirt but I am not ready for October yet :( Can't wait to see the picture of you and the kids from last night.