Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Mama

A week ago we went to the Canal Winchester farmers market. We snuck into a few of the cute little shops while we were there and Lindy fell in love with a baby doll. She has quite a few that she plays with regularly and one (Dylan) that she sleeps with and totes around everywhere. Well, this doll that she saw was destined to join her brood.

All weekend she counted her money and asked how long until we could go back to get her baby. Of course they were not open again until Tuesday morning making this a very long weekend for all of us! She exchanged her $2 bills from the Tooth Fairy with Bill hoping that he would give her back a $20 instead of the $12 that would be correct. She lost that wish! Finally, Tuesday morning arrived and Lindy and I were off on a date of our own. I can't remember the last time we went out for fun by ourselves. That made this a very special occasion.

Fortunately, Devin (her chosen name for the new additon) was waiting patiently for her to return and bring him home. She was one happy girl! We snuck into another little shop, Hannah Grace's Dollhouse, where she also fell in love with the beautiful Lee Middleton babies. That is next on her list. I did treat her to a new diaper bag that she filled with all yellow baby supplies. Every new mom needs a fresh diaper bag!

After she returned home she was mobbed by her siblings (relieved I am sure that the doll was still there) and her friends who all sat around the porch baby passing. It was a busy day for any new baby and mom. Best of all was I got to spend a quick hour alone with Lindy, who will someday make the greatest mommy.

Mom and baby, holding the hand written receipt "Paid in Full". No bag needed.

We have lived close to the old downtown Canal Winchester for almost 10 years and never had a chance to walk around. We had a great time looking in the little shops.

Lindy filled her bag with a pacifer (smart girl), bottle, socks, and bowl and spoon set.

Baby passing with Paige and Elleigh.


Laura said...

What a cute little mama :) Don't you love to watch little girls play?

That shop looks adorable!

The Jackson Juniors said...

How fun. Those shops in old Canal are so unique - love those little shops in small quaint towns.

Gretchen said...

Lindy-loo you are a great mom! Too cute!

Hey Margot where is the picture of you and the kids from your b-day dinner on Sunday?!?! Would love to see it.

Jennifer James said...

I agree with you! Lindy will make a terrific mama!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys next week!

Anonymous said...

Lindy and her sibs will all be wonderful parents because they have wonderful parents themselves.
I was honored to meet Devin over the weekend, who struck me as looking a little French. Bonjour, Devin, and welcome to la famille.

Love, Grommy