Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith passed away on July 16th. The Brownies did not see her in July because she had just moved to a nursing home before our last meeting. I took a poster to the meeting and had all the girls decorate it and sign their names. Nancy delivered it on her visit July 12th. Mrs. Smith loved the poster and read and recognized all the girls names. It was hanging at the foot of her bed where she could see it during the day.

Last week Nancy called me and said that Mrs. Smith's family had hung the poster in the front window of her house (they are next door neighbors). Lindy and I stopped by last week and took a picture to share with all the girls. It looks so neat when you pull up in front of the house and see our flower garden and this beautiful poster hanging above.

What a dear and well loved lady. We developed a wonderful friendship with her over the last three years. And I know that these girls gave her so much joy. She just loved to hear their stories and have them sing songs to her. Someone always had a card or treat for her and that put a huge smile on her face, especially the Girl Scout cookies! She shared stories about when she was a Brownie leader in 1945. That was a priceless experience.

We will always remember and treasure her friendship. We love you Mrs. Smith!


Laura said...

What a valuable experience for your brownies to serve and care for an elderly person. They will always remember the difference they made in her life.

Rob M. said...

That brings a tear to my eyes. Reading about her, and seeing her pictures, she reminded me of someone I knew. You know who that is.


Gretchen said...

So very sweet, the girls and Mrs. Smith are so blessed to have known each other.