Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christmas in August

Back in June my Great Aunt and second(?) cousin (I always get confused with that!) were here from Pennsylvania and Florida visiting. We had a great time visiting. Kyle got to hear WWII stories about his great grandpa, and the girls got to show off their room and their dolls.
Both Aunt Ann and Debbie are huge sewers. Somehow this gene missed me since I can't even thread a needle! But these two, who were in town for a huge quilt show, are amazing. Soon after they returned home Debbie called me and had me measuring all the appendages of the American Girl Dolls. She loves to make doll clothes and was going to try to make a couple of outfits for the girls.
The beginning of August and packages are arriving. I received a quilted wall hanging for my birthday which is so neat! Then THE box arrives. I had no idea that Debbie was zipping together so many outfits. Well, Lindy, Paige, and Erin thought it was Christmas! The box just kept going on and on. At the end they each had one dress, one short and top set, and one bathing suit with cover up. They are all so cute, we could hardly decide what to put on first.
The girls got all of their dolls dressed up for a little photo shoot. Debbie really out did herself on these. She has made doll clothes in the past and was very excited to get started again. She had so much fun that she is going to keep making clothes. So if anyone needs American Girl Doll clothes for the holidays let me know. She is only charging for her materials and shipping, anywhere from $5-$12. Can't beat that!

Erin was most excited to find a dress for Julie that matched her favorite dress.
Paige with Samantha and Kit.

Lindy with Felicity and Molly.

Very hard to choose what to dress in for a photo shoot. Finally, Molly, Samantha, Julie, Felicity, and Kit are ready for the day.


Julie ready for the beach with her cover up.


Laura said...

How beautiful! Put me down for one!

Jennifer James said...

Oh my gosh!!! Those are adorable!!! What fun!!

Gretchen said...

Oh my goodness!!! HOW ADORABLE!!! Debbie you did a beautiful job!! Girls you will have to show us everything on Sunday!