Thursday, July 30, 2009

Erin Hope

I have been wanting to attempt to do my own "portraits" of the kids for quite awhile. When Erin put on her current favorite dress and was willing to let me snap away I took advantage.

This summer she has taught herself to swim underwater. She is taking the piano and loving it! She went to Vacation Bible School and loved it. Got her first library card and was so proud. Is starting to read and loves doing her school work. She loves the color green, stick on earrings, Hannah Montana, and her American Girl doll Julie.

So here is Erin, age 4.


Jennifer James said...

Those pictures are precious!! I love the black and white one and the close up of her looking off to the side the best! That new camera is doing great things!

Gretchen said...

Just TOO MUCH!!!!!! Margot, besides being a mom and a nurse you need to be a photographer!

Laura said...

Margot, those are great! Wow! And you had a very pretty subject as well :)

Rob M. said...

What a pretty little HAPPY girl! Those pics are great, Margot! Gretch is right -- you could be a professional photographer! Take the pics of all your wonderful kids, and post them! Uncles love seeing nieces and grand nephews and grand nieces!

I think these might be the first pictures of Erin I've seen all summer! Or, were there some from Disney World? I think there were!


Mom to 5 Boys said...

Those are awesome! I think photography is another one of your talents!