Thursday, July 23, 2009


I passed this cupcake bakery on my way in from the airport and knew that I had to go there (at least once!) We finally made it there on Monday and I truly felt justified in the enormous calories in order to keep my walking stamina up. I think we walked close to 6 miles a day, easily more. Not that I am complaining, Charleston is a walking city. If we had gotten a car we either would have not used it at all, or used it and gone out of the city and not really explored like we did.

To make a long story short here is Bill's Creamsicle and my Chocolate Strawberry. Of course while we were snacking I was looking over the flavors of the day and saw that Tuesday, our last day, they would have Mocha. I had to have my all time favorite flavor! Bill knew as soon as I told him they had Mocha that we were going back. So, our very last stop before leaving the hotel Tuesday afternoon was to Cupcake. What a sweet way to end our trip.

I had to take many pictures since they were sooo pretty!

Here I am with my huge sweet tooth (which I seriously need to have pulled!)



Rob M. said...

I cannot imagine even walking 6 miles in a WEEK! Being fat, and with bad knees and hips!

RG, I think you could eat a dozen cupcakes, and you wouldn't gain an ounce! Me? I gain weight just lookin' at that stuff!

Got my big envelope ready to mail to Kyle, just have to get to the P.O.


Mom to 5 Boys said...

MMMMMM. Those look sooo yummy!!! Thanks for making my mouth water!