Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Anniversary Celebration

Francis Marion Hotel

Hi Kyle, Ethan, Lindy, Paige, & Erin,

I finally arrived in Charleston yesterday afternoon after a few delays. They had to change the tire on the airplane so it left late out of DC and then there was a major accident of the freeway so the taxi took me on all of the back roads. That was fine with me because I got to see some neat houses! I still got here on time and Daddy met me right outside the hotel. I took the picture above when we were walking back to the hotel last night. Walking quickly I might add since there was a huge thunderstorm brewing. There was lightning and thunder when we talked to you on the phone. Kyle if you click here it will take you to the hotel website and then click on the History. You can read the parts to the girls about Francis Marion and the Revolutionary War, that will cover their history for today! The picture below is of the lobby and where we were when we called you last night. The hotel has been restored and is part of the historic buildings in Charleston.

There is a baby grand piano in the lobby you could all play when we come back as a family.

On our way to dinner we stopped and I took a few pictures. This is just a random side alley/street that I thought looked really neat. And the picture below is the Charleston Library.

The pictures below are from the Unitarian Church in Charleston cemetery. I know it sounds weird to walk though a cemetery on the way to dinner but the first picture is of the entrance walkway and it looked so neat we just had to take a brief detour. Click here for history of the church. We were not able to go into the church but you can at least see the top of this church and another that I have not found out the name for yet. There were some very, very old grave markers, back in the late 1700's and many from the 1800's. Some were from the last 10 years but not too many. It was like a winding garden, with walkways everywhere and lots of trees, vines, flowers, and MOSS! The kind of moss that I love, hanging everywhere. I took a picture of just the moss for you all.

Palm trees and moss, my favorites!

We had dinner reservations that had to be changed to Saturday night because the ovens broke down (what was up yesterday!) So we walked to a restaurant that daddy passed the night before that he thought would be neat. Well, it was! Click here and read the "about us" section to learn about 82 Queen which had incredible food and quite the charming house that we ate in. We were seated in the front parlor room. They have a Sunday brunch that I think we are going back for and we are going to try to eat in the garden. The food was amazing!

Paige - this picture is just for you! Daddy ordered Fried Green Tomatoes for an appetizer. They were so yummy. They were served over grits which is a southern food. I had to "help" Daddy eat this, I didn't want him to have to do it alone! Wow, were they good.

Daddy had a Godiva (chocolate) coffee and we shared this orange chiffon mimosa cake with champagne icing.

We had our picture taken after dinner to remember our special anniversary dinner. We have one from our wedding night dinner in almost the exact same pose of me standing next to Daddy. I will show it too you when we get home.
While Daddy is finishing his meetings this morning I am going to wander around and play with my camera. Ethan - I am going to take some pictures of the amazing architecture, the buildings are old and so beautiful.
Have a great day with your Mimi, love you.


Laura said...

Margot, that cemetery looks amazing! (that is the weirdest sentence ever) Moss on trees is my favorite too! I start looking for it the second we hit the Carolinas!

Hope you guys have fun! I'm enjoying your pictures as much as your kids ;)

Gretchen said...

Love the pics, so pretty!