Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kyle's Camp Week

This is just an awesome picture of the scouts saluting the flag at flag down. Kyle is in the middle 3rd row.

While the girls were at Girl Scout camp Kyle and Bill were at Boy Scout camp. Bill did the week long training for leadership and next year when Ethan's Webelos group crosses over, Bill will be able to be an assistant leader for the boys Boy Scout troop. To say that Kyle and Bill had fun would be an understatement! I have heard so many stories and this year with an extra camera I got to have some pictures too.

Kyle worked on his merit badges. He still has to finish riflery from last year as he was so busy this year he never got around to finishing it up. This year he worked on Archery, Motor Boating, and Astronomy. He has a hilarious story of crashing his motor boat, but yes he still gets his merit badge! He bunked with his best friend Nick and they had a ball. They spent their last afternoon canoeing by themselves and hanging out around the camp. What wonderful memories these two will have from their camping years together.

I noticed a huge change in Kyle after he returned home from camp last year. He really grew up a lot. He was already mature and very responsible for his age but he gained so much confidence. This year was no different. I keep thinking he can't possibly be more grown up and he is. I forget that he is just turning 13 in 8 weeks. He acts like he is 18!

Camp is formal in many ways and the pictures Bill took of the flag ceremony show this. It is almost run military like and Kyle thrives on it. Obviously many other boys do as well. There must be complete silence when entering the dining hall otherwise the boys must exit and line up and try again. It only takes one time in the week to learn this lesson as these boys are hungry from their busy days. Still not an easy feat for over 800 boys attending camp. Impressive to say the least.

So here are some pictures from Bill...

Kyle and his best buddy Nicholas. I am proud to say that his room at home is as clean as his tent, and I don't do inspections like they do at camp!

This is not Kyle's troop but it is so neat to show how the scouts march in for the flag ceremony.

Enjoying dessert in the dining hall. Meals are really organized as well. Boys have positions each night. Kyle's favorite is waiter.

A bat the boys found and wanted pictures of. The camp site is beautiful with a huge lake, hiking trails, and woods.


Rob M. said...

I'll have to get the stuff in the mail that I keep promising to send. A booklet on Flag Etiquette, one for the Paige & Lindy, one for Kyle, and a book on "Americanism" both items put out by the American Legion. I was Commander of our Sons of the American Legion post last year for 4 months until I moved. I'll get it in the mail, HONEST!
U. B.

Gretchen said...

Kyle I am glad you had so much fun!! You are so grown up for your age but still it is fun for you to hang out with your buddies and to learn so much about what you love!