Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walking, Eating, Walking, Eating...

The stickers were from "Rita the Greeter", a sweet little lady who greeted everyone at their table and gave them stickers. You're supposed to wear then to advertise for them but I thought I would bring them home for all of you.
Hi kiddos!
All we did was walk and eat yesterday. There are so many restaurants it is hard to choose from, the good thing is you never get a bad meal! So here are the pictures of lunch and dinner. I took over 100 pictures yesterday! Ethan - I have tons of architecture pictures to show you. I will try and get some on the blog later tonight. I also have a special surprise to share with you that will also be a separate post.
While Daddy finished up his meetings I started walking and photographing everything! We met at lunch time and Daddy was done working! Yea! We had lunch at this neat restaurant called Hyman's Seafood. A very cool place, you guys would all love it. The pictures below say it all!

There are plates all over the walls that famous people have signed when they have eaten there. They also put a little plaques on the tables where famous people have eaten. We sat at table 62 where there were plaques saying that Mel Gibson (famous actor) Dan Janzen (Olympic Skater), and Lindsey Wagner, ( famous actress) had all eaten at that table.

Outside the window by our table was a weather stick. If it is hot and humid the stick turns up, if turns down if it is cold. Can you figure out what the weather has been like here by looking at the stick?

Boiled Peanuts were the appetizer.

Mommy had lobster bisque soup and it had huge pieces of lobster in it. This is still one of my favorite meals.

Lindy- this picture is for you! This was my lunch dessert yesterday. I know how you like to have your lunch dessert and so do I! This is a dark chocolate covered pretzel we got at this candy store. We took you all here a couple of years ago. Do you remember the huge barrels of candy and the train that runs along the top of the store? You really liked it!

Kids - This picture is for all of you but I can hear Kyle cracking up all the way here! I thought this was so funny and knew you would all get a chuckle out of it as well.

We walked and talked for blocks. We spent most of the day in the open market looking at all kinds of fun little gifty things. After a run back to our hotel we headed here to the Peninsula Grill for dinner. We ate in the outside courtyard which was very lovely and romantic.

Paige you would have loved these tomatoes! They were so yummy and had fresh basil like I make them with but had goat cheese instead of mozzarella. The goat cheese was sweet.

Because we ate outside and it became dark, the waitress gave us a flashlight to read the dessert menu.

Chocolate Extravaganza! This was sooo good, a chocolate cake with mousse and chocolate ice cream. Daddy and I thought the tiny shot of milk was especially cute.

These gas lights are all over. They are very elegant and reminiscent of years ago when the lights were all gas lamps, before electric.
Well that is the end of the pictures form yesterday. I took over 100 pictures so there will be plenty to look at when I get home. Today I know I took even more because I took tons of architecture for Ethan to look at.
Have a great day! Love you all, Mom


Gretchen said...

What a great way to spend the day! Only Erin is up at the moment but I will show everyone the pics when they get up. We are going to meet Grommie at Bob Evan's at 10.

Jennifer James said...

Love your pictures!
Hymans is our favorite restaurant there! They have the best hush puppies ever! Glad you guys are having such a great time!!!