Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brownie Friendship Fun

This bracelet was not only fun to make but will be treasured for years to come. We went to our co-op art teacher, Miss Juli's studio to finish our Art to Wear Try it. Juli, being the mom of scouts, understands trying to kill two birds with one stone. So it came as no surprise when she incorporated this requirement and also took care of one for Friends Are Fun.

We started by taking string and learning to tie a square knot. The girls did better than I did. It is simple but a little tricky to keep track of if I need to tie left or right! After that was mastered we were given this beautiful ribbon which we did our square knots on above and below a center ribbon. This was to become our bracelet. We kept tying our knots until we had made a long enough ribbon to tie around our wrist.

Next we drew a picture or design on plastic shrinky dink material. We duplicated our drawing 8 times, one for each of our Brownie friends. While these were in the oven baking we headed out to Juli's fun zip line to do some zipping around. FUN!

We returned and lined up with bracelets on to receive a charm from each of our Brownie friends. Miss Juli attached the charm and we shared with each other why we had drawn the picture we chose. Lindy drew her a puppy to represent her favorite stuffed puppy. Lily made a beach ball to represent how much she loves playing in the summer. AnnMarie loves butterflies so she made a butterfly. Mary and Claire have much love to give so they created hearts full of love. Laura made a kitty in honor of her newest family member additions, Princess and Tiger. Mackenzie made a sunshine for summer fun and her sunny smile! Paige wrote her name in a decorative way so everyone will know that charm is from her. How incredibly special to wear this bracelet and think of all of your Brownie friends and their favorite things.

Four knot practice tying.

Ribbon tying our bracelets.

AnnMarie and Paige model their bracelets before charm attachment!

Lily's beachball drawings.

Paige, my little graphic designer.

Lily and Mackenzie chatting and drawing.

Mary loves art so she was very happy coloring away.

AnnMarie zipping!


Charms, charms, and more charms. They turned out so cute!

Miss Juli attaches our charms to our bracelets.

Lindy tells the troop about her puppy charm.

What a great bunch of girls. They have formed great friendships that they will remember always.
Thank you so much Miss Juli for a fun afternoon! We all love our bracelets.

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