Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brownies and Tadpoles Oh My!

Oh they were soo excited to get their little tadpole friends!
These girls worked hard selling cookies and one of the activities they wanted to do with their earnings was to go to COSI together. Finally the day came and they were able to cash in! Lindy, Paige, Laura, Mackenzie, Mary, and Claire along with her mom Holly, all headed down to COSI Saturday for the Girl Scout Day Camp program.
We started right off with the Tadpole Workshop where we learned all about the life cycle of the frog. We eagerly sucked our tadpoles up with the turkey basters and put them in their new home. Even Holly and I got to take one home much to the delight of Erin and Lyza the lucky recipients! Names were assigned, I can't remember them all but Boots, Cutie, Lily (that may be from fairy class!) Kelsie, and Petunia (may she rest in peace, Paige's didn't make it) all made the journey home with the girls.
We had lots of time to explore COSI and explore we did, 7 hours worth! I don't think we missed an area. The Extreme Screen movie was Ocean Wonders and it was a favorite of everyone's.
The highlight of the day for me was a lunchtime moment, one the girls are not even aware of the cuteness of it. Mackenzie and I went to the cafe from the group lunch of pizza to find her some easier to eat food from having had her tonsils out the week before. We were sitting and chatting while she ate her pudding and macaroni (in that order!) when in came the rest of the troop and plopped down in the other chairs. Laughing and talking with each other and asking Mackenzie tons of questions about if she found something she could swallow, there was this flash of "teenagerness" about them. It was sweet and funny all at the same time. They have all become such great friends over the last couple of years and I know that going to COSI together and getting their tadpoles will be one of the memories they always will have of Brownies.

Laura, Lindy, and Mackenzie getting started in the lobby with the giant lightbrite.

Waiting in line for the static charge to work through the line.

Claire and Holly had some special time and Holly and I had fun getting caught up.

Happy girls in Progress.

Laura making a quick call.

Paige and Mary take a ride in the 1960's.

Lindy ringing up my order in the diner.

I am sure that Mackenzie and Mary are working up their next marketing plan.

Lindy and Paige working as newscasters.
Mackenzie hoists herself up with 3 pulleys.

A quick trip outside to lift a car before we leave. Teamwork, always teamwork.

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Gretchen said...

Paigey sorry to hear about Petunia :( We used to go to COSI when we were little, I LOVED the streets of yesteryear. It was so neat to go back in time! See you on Easter!