Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Party Starts!

My little baby girl will be 4 in one week!

Erin's birthday celebration has already started one week early. Such a sweet little girl has many people who love her so we have to make sure that everyone is included in her celebration. Mimi will be out of town for her party so we had a little celebration so that Mimi could bring Erin her birthday gift. Being quite the girly girl she was very pleased to receive new spring and summer clothes.

After church I made her do a quick pose with her Mommy and Daddy, she was more than happy to have us all to herself.

Aunt Gretchen took all of the girls for the afternoon to Easton to see the Hannah Montana movie and do a little shopping at Claires. She would not put her purse down the entire day and wore it on her shoulder during dinner. She left for the movie with $5 to shop and came home with a little princess cell phone filled with makeup. She was very excited! When she arrived home Mimi was waiting with dinner and presents.

What an adorable bunny box filled with new clothes.

Typical girl that she is, " Oh these will go with everything," she squealed.

By far her favorite was this new dress!

"Thank you for the movie Aunt Gretchen I had so much fun and loved riding in your car."

"Thank you for my birthday clothes Mimi I love them all."

Might as well make this a whole celebration and throw in a round of Happy Birthday and a candle to blow out. Daddy became her hero and she had to sit on his lap for dessert since he put the candle in her ice cream (no matter it was Mommy's idea).

Paige is the ever supportive sister!

She did it!

This is her birthday countdown calendar that I am making for her. She loves it almost as much as I love making it. More on this in another post!
So the birthday week is beginning and I have always believed in stretching your special day into a week or a month so it is never too young to pass this on! Happy birthday sweet girl!


Angi said...

Oh my goodness! Is it that time already? And how can our girls be turning four???

That dress was just darling! I was swooning all the way over here!

And the calendar is super cute! We do a birthday week, only happens once a year so why not COMPLETELY indulge, right? :)

Laura said...

Awww she looks so cute! And so big!!

Adrienne said...

Happy birthday to the sweet little (well, big) girl that has made an impact in our lives. And to Paige the "ever supportive sister" I an sure that you are supportive and bring joy to life! That dress is ADORABLE I will agree with Angi! I'm sure she loved to model them for you!