Monday, April 27, 2009

One Very Happy Birthday Girl

The first candle of the day.

What a wonderful way to turn 4! Erin woke up early, about 7, Paige and I were already waiting for her. She had selected these chocolate donuts the day before at the grocery store and thought they would be better if she had a candle in one. She mentioned this before she went to bed so Paige helped me get a special plate and candle together and we then sang a quiet round of Happy Birthday to our little cupcake!
She then put on her new dress from Mimi and off we went to church. In the effort to make sure she ingested as much sugar as possible on her big day, she took mini cupcakes to share. I made every effort to try to provide something healthy at 9:15 in the morning but she was not interested and it was her day!

After church we met up with Bill and Kyle post camping trip for presents. She loved everything but the moment we were all waiting for was her new bike. She was so very excited that we went on a test drive before lunch at Bob "Ebans" where her favorite macaroni awaited her!

Her guests began to arrive for an evening of pizza, cake, and presents. She loved every one of her gifts! She was most tickeled with having everyone she loves there to celebrate with her.

Thank you everyone I love you ~ Erin

Her rocking chair I made for her first birthday and we have used it as a measuring stick for the last few years. I am happy to report that her feet now touch the ground! Yea!

Bike unveiling and test driving. Her siblings were SO excited for her. It was wonderful to see such joy.

Bob "Ebans" Rocks!

Crashing in the car!

Aunt Whitney and Uncle BJ got Erin this adorable dance skirt.

This sleeping bag came complete with a pillow and her name on it, it too needed a test drive,

No party is complete without one meltdown! Erin decided to get this out of the way before dinner. Then it was on to cake, icecream ,and pictures. Really what more could a 4 year old ask for. Happy Birthday sweet girl, we love you!


Laura said...

Margot, those pictures are so precious! Happy (belated) Birthday Erin! I can't believe our babies are so big now! Just look at her on that bike!

Angi said...

Sending lots of loving birthday wishes from our family to Miss Erin! We've enjoyed watching her grow along the way...she's a wonderful little friend for Greer.

Gretchen said...

What an awesome birthday Erin!! And you did a great job riding your bike I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

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