Monday, April 13, 2009

Off They Go!

Lindy is so proud!

After Easter dinner Lindy went outside and decided it was high time to ride her bike without training wheels. She wanted them off last summer but was not quite ready. By fall she was begging but with budget season in full swing and soccer consuming all weekend hours it just didn't happen.

When the girl decides to do something she does it! She called me out to see her balance on Ethan's bike. Next thing I know Bill is yelling to come outside. I am assuming an injury but not the case this is what was going on....

The amazement on Lindy's face that she is actually riding is so precious. Then the excitement of her siblings is so sweet! Kyle is the most awesome big brother. He helped her get started and stayed with her in case she needed help.

Paige decided that if Lindy could do it so could she. She always hangs back to see how it goes. Then she jumped on and took off down the street. No help needed. She was more than ready!

She is so proud of herself too!

It is going to be a great summer. With the way their reading has really taken off and their bikes and scooters, the pool and how well they are swimming it is going to be a memorable summer!


Jennifer James said...

I love these pictures and how proud they are! It's time for family bike rides!
I too am looking forward to all the fun that summer brings!

Laura said...

Good job Paige and Lindy!! They look so excited! We'll be doing the same thing here soon :)

Angi said...

Oh my goodness, that first photo of Lindy, face scrunched in determination and Paige and Kyle just so THRILLED for her...priceless!

Congrats to the girls, that's big stuff!

Gretchen said...

Way to go girls!! And what great brothers to help and teach. So fun! I also got to see Erin on her scooter and she did a great job too!