Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Last Sunday Ethan helped his good friend Nathan celebrate hitting double digits. Although a belated party due to sports scheduling, spring break, and Easter, it was worth the wait as you can see from their smiles!
Ethan went home from church with Nathan to await a limo that picked them and 5 other boys up and took them to Dave & Busters. Lunch, games, games, and more games, hit the spot with these boys. Ethan came home all smiles and reported that Nathan had an "really good" birthday.
These boys have been buddies forever. They met at church in Sunday School probably in PreK maybe even as toddlers I can't remember that far back. They have been in Cub Scouts since their first year as Tigers. Playdates, camping with scouts, sleepovers, VBS, they really like being together. They even nicknamed themselves the "thens" for Ethan and Nathan which cracks me up!
Happy Birthday Nathan and thanks so much for a special afternoon!

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cheeky chums said...

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