Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Schooling

On nice days this works like a charm and my kids love flipping it over to let their friends know that they are available to play.

The best part of homeschooling in the spring is the relocation of our school room to the front porch! It happens every year and we all love it. I think some little ones even get more done because they are already outside not trying to hurry and get things done so they can get out. We will be doing school throughout the summer and not taking a long break. Don't get me wrong we will be taking time off just not the usual 3 months! This is totally by choice. We have had a relaxed year and gotten lots done but with my revamp of how and what we are learning, especially lessons we are working on as a family, we are going to continue. The kids also have some favorite little workbooks that they want to do and I am not stopping them!

Reading is top on the list and I am putting together individual and group reading lists from my books to read notebook. We do our own summer reading program with treats along the way. The kids have always liked it better than the library program so that is what we have been doing for the last couple of years. A little math also so that we don't have a huge review come fall, writing stories for fun, and more but you get the idea.

Since reading Charlotte Mason and really applying the living books to our daily learning, school here never stops. I no longer have set "school hours", we try to get most of the math spelling etc, done during the day but we have really been taking advantage of the weather and playing and doing outside activities. Yesterday was a great example. With sunny skies and then huge downpours the kids were in and out. When they were in we read and worked on our fable writing. Then they were back out! Erin and I were doing Preschool at 8pm during the last evening shower. It was a good day for all, the kids felt like they were playing all day and I was happy with the school things we accomplished.

Nothing beats breakfast on the porch in the sunshine in your jammies!

Ethan was up early one morning (for him!) it was 7am and he wanted to get things done so he could have extra time to play so we went out and read and worked together, alone! Special time together, it was wonderful!

Paige and a lunch break where she looked for blueberry seeds to plant.

Kyle working on his Aviation test for scouts (that was hard) spread out inside due to the wind one day.



Adrienne said...

Homeschooling at it's best!

Laura said...

How cute Margot! We're going to do alot of reading this summer too (Nicholas is on such a roll!)and I love the idea of making your own summer reading program! How cool! Then they can work towards something really good and not just a pack of stickers ;)

We have been doing some school outside too :) Love it!

Mom to 5 Boys said...

Love your sign! We've recently changed to a Charlotte Mason style as well. Still a work in progress. I still can't get my kids too excited about school. Maybe yours will rub off on mine. Schooling in the summer? That's awesome! I might have to just try to sneak it in.

Gretchen said...

Ok, everyone looks too cute in those pics!