Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Evening of Rewards

I haven't been on here for the last week and part of the reason was I was getting ready for this special evening with the Brownies. We had a year end ceremony on Friday night to celebrate all of the hard work of each of these girls.

We opened with a flag ceremony which we just started learning this year. Lindy, Paige, Mary, and Claire shared how we learned to do this at our Brownie Mom & Me. It was pretty much the same as we had been doing it but we added saluting the colors. Paige wanted to call the colors out but once she was in front of the crowd I ended up doing it. Lily posted the colors and the girls led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance and we then did our Girl Scout Promise.

Each girl had something to read that we had done over the last year. We were really busy! Food drives, scrapbooking, cooking, COSI, crafts, and more these girls have had a very full year. Everyone received many Try it's along with other special patches for participation in other projects or activities. All the girls left with lots of rewards and I am so proud of each of them. We are all looking forward to a summer together earning more Try its and just hanging out and having fun! Great job girls!

We opened with the Pledge and then the Girl Scout Promise.

Each girl read something about what we did over the year.

Annabel received her first year pin and try its. Welcome to our troop Annabel! We enjoy having you and Christa.

AnnMarie loves Brownies and it shows in her awards. She received 17 Try its! She told me she has been working hard. I am very proud of her!
Mary also received a big bag of Try it's and other awards. Both AnnMarie and Mary are finishing their 3rd year as they started with Daisies.

Lily earned lots of Try its and celebrated 3 years of Girl Scouts. I am so glad that she is a part of our troop. Her sisters have been a great help to us with out Music Try it.

One of our girls is moving to North Dakota. Mackenzie and her family will be leaving this summer and we will all miss her and her family. They have been a HUGE help during the cookie sale and Mackenzie is our troops top seller with over 500 boxes. We wanted to get her something to remember us by. A cookie t-shirt seemed appropriate along with a special edition Groovy Girl doll, Helpful Hayley, complete with her Brownie vest on, very cute! I also got her some extra patches for the back of her vest. The Ohio Girl patch is the shape of Ohio so she doesn't forget all of us! And I had to get her the I Love My Leader Patch too so she doesn't forget about me!

We got the Jackson family the Girl Scout cookie jar, for all the cookie hard work and Jay needs a place for all his Do-Si-Dos! We will miss all of you.

We closed our ceremony with our promise and our friendship squeeze. Then it was time for desserts and punch. Thank you to everyone for all of the treats. We had beautiful weather, it was the perfect evening.


Laura said...

I wanna be in your brownie troop! ;) You guys have done so many great things this year that I can't wait for Megan to be doing these things! You'll have to share your secrets with me ;)

Margot said...

I am starting a troop with Holly for Erin and Lyza next fall. I know that Erin would love to have Megan join us!

The Jackson Juniors said...

Margot, thank you so much for all your hard work so the girls have fun and learn new things. We are truly thankful to have been a part of this troop. Also, thank you for the wonderful gifts - we will never forget you, your family, and the troop!! Angie