Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful Butterflies

Our Painted Ladies emerged on Friday to the delight of all the kids. I can't remember all of the names except for Kyle's is Julius for Julius Ceaser! Once one of them had emerged the kids kept a close eye on them and were able to see two others come out of the chrysalis. Way cool! Erin's is still in it's chrysalis. I think when we got her caterpillar it had just come out of the egg it was so tiny, very suiting for her. It still looked small when it tucked itself away for it's great change but everyone is different!

We plan to keep them another day and then it is off to the great outdoors. We will be doing this again over the summer since we missed last year. The best part of this has been listening to Erin say metamorphosis, way too cute!

The faces on Lindy and Paige are so sweet, they have absolutley loved this. I don't think they remember much of the last time we had caterpillars.

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