Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mother's Day

My boys

There is reason for my delay in posting these pictures that I will explain. I had the best Mother's Day. We went to church and had lunch together at home. We split up for the afternoon as Bill and the boys had to mow and I had to get things together for Brownies and VBS crafts. Since my mom gave me a Joann's gift certificate it was the perfect time to get the girls and I stocked on scrapbooking supplies. Yes, they are into everything crafty much to my delight, including scrapbooking! I have been waiting for the day that we could do these project together and it is here! We have so many things on our list I don't know if we will ever have time to do them all but Lindy and I will definitely be trying.

So, when we returned home from church we took these pictures and when we came inside there was a bag waiting for me to open. I thought we were not exchanging gifts! There is not a thing I need but once I opened it I remembered there was something I wanted! As Bill said we were not exchanging they were giving. Much to my delight was my dream camera, additional lens and all. Rare as it is I was speechless. I so did not need this as I have a wonderful camera already. Bill, being the attentive husband he is, had noticed though that it can't always do what I want. Apparently because of the small gallery I have started on the walls he thought I was ready for an upgrade!
Hence the delay as I am still trying to learn what I am doing! But I am very, very, happy with the results especially the color. Thank you kiddos for such a wonderful surprise! Bill you always surprise me, thank you so much, I love you.

Is he handsome or what?! He is becoming a fine young man.

Ethan - You make being a mom a daily pleasure.

Wow was all I could say (Hey Uncle Bobby can you give me a hand learning this thing?)

One of my first shots, oh the color, just look at the pizza on her face!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could help you with that, Margot, but I'm a ZERO with Digital cameras! I STILL use FILM!

(I don't know how to get on here w/o it saying "anonymous").

Mom to 5 Boys said...

That is awesome! I'm not camera savvy, but I can tell how brighter and more detailed your pictures looks! Happy Mother's Day!

Gretchen said...

I love the boys and their colorful shirts! They are so handsome and so big!!! Margot aside from all of your other careers you should become a photographer!

Laura said...

You're a lucky girl! I'm so sure you'll have tons of fun with your new toy ;)

Rob M. said...

Gretchen's right, ya know? You could probably give Photography lessons. Hey, here's an idea. Give each one of your children a digital camera, and teach them all how to use them, and have photo contests. Take wildlife pictures, and pictures of trees, and buildings, and people, and all sorts of stuff!
Uncle Bobby