Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

The kids celebrated Memorial Day by putting flags on the Veterans graves on Saturday. The Cub Scouts do this every year. Lindy and Paige are working on the Waving the Flag Try it and celebrating a holiday that focuses on the flag is one of the requirements. Since Kyle is so interested in history we all have a great deal of war knowledge (thanks Kyle!) and a great appreciation for the veterans and their service to our country.

On Memorial Day Monday they went back to the cemetery for a 21 gun salute and then walked from there to the Veteran's Memorial in the park. There was a brief ceremony with flag raising followed by another 21 gun salute. All of the kids really enjoyed the mornings they spent doing these activities.
Kyle and I spent last Wednesday at the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge bimonthly meeting. Kyle was on the meeting's agenda to update the group about the project he is working on. He is interviewing veterans and compiling a book to give them. It is really turning into a neat project and we have all enjoyed reading the responses.
These men have really taken Kyle under their wing. They enjoy seeing him and love bringing him things to read and pictures to share. We missed the March meeting because he was sick and on the way to Wednesday's meeting Kyle told me that he really missed seeing the vets and talking to them. Well they missed him too! He is still collecting information and we will probably have to extend his project due date since missing March but he left the meeting with 8 more people who want to give interviews so we will be busy visiting vets in the next month.

Flag placement by the Millers

One of the very decorated vets, the Purple Heart was among his medals.

Raising of the POW flag, Kyle is the Boy Scout right behind the man raising the flag.

The beginning of the walk from the cemetery to the park.

The 21 gun salute from the park.

Kyle updating the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge about his project.

Kyle and Mr. McFarland who spoke about some of his experiences during WWII.


Rob M. said...

Grandpa would have been impressed with Kyle's interest in the Battle of the Bulge! I've got more pictures to find and send, too.


Gretchen said...

I think of Grandpa and all those that have served our country everyday.

You all are so wonderful to support our veterans the way you do.

I would love to go with you next Memorial Day.