Monday, March 16, 2009

Scout Sunday

Great job everyone! Daddy and I are very proud of you.

Last week was Girl Scout week where we celebrated 97 years of the founding of Girl Scouts by Juliette Low. The girls have been busy working on daily activities to earn a special patch to commemorate the week. They had finished their God and Me program back in February and had only to meet with Pastor Jim and Mrs. Hottle. This seemed like a great week to present their lessons and receive their medallions. Ethan and Nathan had finished God and Family with Lori last month as well so we combined our meeting with all the kids. Good thing! Paige spoke about 5 words the entire time. Don't think she looked Jim in the eye the entire hour!

The boys paved the way and went first explaining how they created their "pizza". The crust was their foundation in faith and the sauce was their spiritual heritage. The toppings were talents and their family. Ethan had lots of toppings! Finally they "baked" their pizza as it needs heat to hold all the ingredients together. The boys really enjoyed this program. You would think two nine year old boys would try to rush through so they could hurry and play. Not these two! They have fun with each other no matter what they do and both can be very philosophical so there were some deep discussions going on!

Lindy, Paige, and I started working on God and Me while I was recovering last summer. It was a great way to spend time together and feel like I was still accomplishing something with them. We all looked forward to this time together. They liked the Bible stories and the games and especially time with mom. We finished up after the holidays and they are most proud of their accomplishment. They've been eyeing Ethan's medallion for a couple of years and were ready to receive their own.

All were presented their awards this past Sunday during Scout Sunday at church. Of course I forgot my camera trying to get out the door on time but I did get a picture a once we got home. I was very proud to see all the kids perform the flag ceremony and pledge. Lindy and Paige were the youngest girls and were pretty excited to be doing something with Junior Girl Scouts. Kyle called the colors and Ethan was acolyte. It was a very special morning and all of the scouts who participated had a good time and were very proud.

Thank you so much Linda for helping us put together a special morning for all the Peace Scouts. Thank you Jim for all the support and friendship you have given Bill and myself. Lori, Bill and I appreciate you taking the time to do this program with the boys. I can't thank you enough for all your support and kind words. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful church family.

Ethan adn Nathan sing with Pastor Jim.

Ethan and Nathan with Pastor Jim and Mrs.Hottle and their "pizza" boxes.

Pastor Jim and Mrs. Hottle with Lindy and Paige.

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Laura said...

How exciting! Good job Kyle, Ethan, Paige, and Lindy!