Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fairy Class - Week 3 Sugarplums & Nutcrackers

Sugarplums and The Nutcracker were our fairies for the week, so we needed sugar to honor the sugarplum fairies. The little fairies had cream cheese that they coated with powdered sugar and added a peppermint flavor. We then put it in the freezer to set a little before forming it into balls for edible mints. There had to be a sweet sugar fairy floating through all the sugar "clouds" we created by clapping our powdery hands together!

Erin has a sugary mess!

Making sugar clouds.

Next it was on to our craft of mouse ballerinas. This was a wee bit challenging due to all the steps but everyone left with a ballerina fairy! Hopefully they will hold up as some of the future projects will give them somewhere to live!

Pipe cleaners formed the arms and the leotard on the body. Fairies could position them any way they wanted. This ballerina is in "high 5th position" I was told.

Emma looks as cute as her fairy!

Jessie and Lauren working on the pipe cleaners and Jessie with her finished ballerina.

Paige and her little mouseling.

To finish up the day we made edible wands out of Rice Krispie treats. Cut in a circle we pushed a stick in and decorated with sprinkles. Ready to eat or play. Mrs. Walton even packaged them up so that we could give them to a special someone.

Fairy Sarah with her wand.

Allison works on sprinkle placement. Details are important to fairies.

Can we eat them??

A finished product, cute and cheerful.

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Gretchen said...

Those wands are so cute but they wouldn't last long around me because I LOVE rice crispy treats!!!