Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Who would not buy cookies from these adorable Brownie girls? Well not many people who came through Gander Mountain last Sunday. I snapped this picture right at the change of shift so I could get as many girls as possible included. Laura, Mackenzie, Lindy, Paige, Mary, and AnnMarie put on their smiles and sold 71 boxes of cookies that afternoon. Lots of cookies and most importantly lots of good experience. They were polite making sales and bagging boxes for customers. They made lots of change and recorded their sales on our tally sheet. I was, as always, very proud of all of them. Great work girls!

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Gretchen said...

You girls did a great job this year selling all of your cookies! Hey I forgot when I was down there on Friday night that I have another co-worker that would like some Samoas. I will check tomorrow as to how many boxes. Remind me!!!!!