Saturday, March 14, 2009

Museum Day - Egyptian Canopic Jars

Paige holding her Duck Canopic Jar

We all went to 1st Saturday last weekend while Kyle and Bill were at Kyle's karate test. Erin was very excited to go and do a project. Lindy, Paige, and Ethan have no problem tagging along especially when they find out that Grommy is meeting us and we are staying for lunch!

The museum just opened the Egyptian exhibit. We took a quick trip through for the kids to find the items on their paper. It looks fabulous and we are looking forward to going through it a couple more times before it leaves.

The project was working with clay and creating a canopic jar. Ethan and Kyle studied Egyptian history last year so Ethan remembered that these were for storing the organs before burial. I don't think Lindy and Paige were quite are of this concept. They happily created their jars to look like a duck and a ladybug (I'm sure there must be some special meaning in Egyptian afterlife for these animals/insects!) Erin and Grommy had a great time working together, or rather Erin loved having Grommy create whatever animal she thought of.

The kids learned how to roll the clay into a ball and make their hands act as a pottery wheel to create the opening.

Ethan made a really great snake and used gems to create scales.

Lindy's ladybug

There are awesome Egyptian masks to try on and pose in front of the pyramids. They were a hit with the kids.

We had a great time visiting the museum, thanks for going with us Grommy.

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Gretchen said...

What beautiful works of art!