Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fairy Class - Week 4 Nighttime Fairies

My little fairy is having the best time playing with big girls and glitter! What fun we had making sparkly and glittery stars to hang up to attract the nighttime fairies. We then snacked on star fruit and apples cut to show the star inside. Then it was time for a sweet treat of star cupcakes that we dressed up with pink icing (a fairy favorite color) and sprinkles. We read a beautifully illustrated book, Goodnight Fairies while we snacked. I am sure the night fairies were busy that night , these girls made some beautiful sparkles.

So much glitter, so much fun!

More sparkles!

Ready to hang.

Josie visited with Emma and had a great time in our class.

Emma and Claire love glitter and lots of it!

Lindy loves glue so this was a great activity for her.

Snack time!

Little fairy decorators.

Amelia and Jasmine

Emma, Lauren, and Josie had a great time.

Sarah making careful sprinkle placement.

Snacking fairies!

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