Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brownies - Through the Years

Troop 120 with Mrs. Smith

I love this picture of the girls with Mrs. Smith. They have really formed a special relationship with her. They get so excited when we go to visit her and she is just tickled to see them. The more we go over the years the more they talk with her. They hug her goodbye and bring her treats. She adores them! We had a special treat for her at our last meeting.

Our Girl Scout Council offers meeting kits that you can reserve for special try it's and activities. Last month we covered the Brownies Thorough the Years with our TV dinners and I Love Lucy show so I decided to get the Brownie uniform from 1936. The girls were able to try it on and we looked at copies of the handbooks from the 50's and 60's. After a quick story about how the origination of Brownies from old English elves, we drew names to see who would wear the uniform to show Mrs. Smith. Annabel won the drawing and looked so cute in her little elf hat.

We also worked on paper bag puppets from 1936 and Brownie paper dolls with uniforms from various years. I was surprised with how much the girls enjoyed these extra activities. They especially enjoyed the puppets which we can also count for our Puppets and Dolls Try it.

Lindy and Mary are such the fashion experts! They loved the paper doll clothes.

Christa and Paige were coloring queens!

Lily gave us an update on her Uncle Mike who is in Afghanistan. He sent her pictures of their sleeping quarters and the bathrooms. The girls were impressed!

We had an impromptu sharing time. Lindy shared the book we are reading on Juliette Low. She is loving to learn all about how Girl Scouts started. Paige shared her drawing collection, Mackenzie brought her favorite snow globes from her collection and Mary shared her recipe collection.

Mrs. Smith was so delighted to talk with the girls. She took a nasty fall the week before and shared the pictures of her black eyes with us. She only had a hint of bruising when we saw her. She was laughing about her "little" accident and told the girls that it is possible to fall off a straight back chair and get really hurt!

When we returned home we played a wonderful math game, more on that Try it later. Claire brought us a really good cookie bar snack and then it was outside for some of the warm weather. I love the enthusiasm and productivity of meetings like this one. As the girls get older they are getting more and more into Brownies, if that is even possible!

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