Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Norman Rockwell comes to The Historical Society

What an incredible way to finish our Norman Rockwell unit study! On Friday we went to the Ohio Historical Society to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit. I had no idea what it would be like. If you look at the sign it says that the exhibit brings the Rockwell covers to life. It was an awesome exhibit and it really did bring the art to life for the kids.

We have spent all of January studying and learning about Rockwell's life. We have read books and worked on this educational resource packet to go along with our study. The family guide helped the kids recognize paintings, style, shape, and history. I highly recommend it if you plan to go see the exhibit, your kids will get much more from the experience. Also, take proof that you are a homeschooler if you want to get the Family membership, you can get the $5 educator discount!

We started the tour with a five minute video highlighting Rockwell's life. From there the curtain was opened to a replica of Rockwell's studio. It was so neat to see how his space was set up and to see some of his inspirations. The kids could really feel what it would have been like to have been a model for a painting. They also enjoyed seeing the sketch of The Night My Studio Burned, as we read this story in every book we read.

Scenes from No Swimming and No Peeking

Gone Fishing

Paige and Ethan looking over the fence at the scenes.

Enjoying a Model T ride, everyone took turns driving.

Lindy holding onto the side!

Not sure what this says about Ethan's driving!

Kyle makes a call before the days of cell phones.

There were little vignettes set up this is from The Doctor and the Doll.

This was so neat, Shuffleton's Barbershop, was one that we looked for rectangles in our resource packet before coming. They really studied this one so it was a fun way to view the scene like you were really looking through the window. The kids were able to find many details of this one.

Paige loves the painting at the museum of the Soda Jerk so when we saw this of After the Prom set in the soda shop, I had to get her picture.

Kyle ready for battle.

Each dog tag represented 50,000 people who served in WWII.

Rosie the Riveter herself! She explained how to work the assembly line, conveyor belt. The kids had a ball and it was cool to see people dressed in character.

Kyle gave me the history on Rosie. She completed an entire wing for a torpedo bomber in one shift and hammered 3,345 rivets which was a record! It helps to have a WWII trivia buff in the family!

Christmas Norman Rockwell Style, this little house was so cute inside!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures inside the cute little house because I got caught caught up talking to the lady dressed up inside. Turns out she is also a homeschooling mom and was dressed in character with her two young sons. We had an interesting conversation about the 4H program they belong to that worked with having them placed in this exhibit. More very neat homeschooling experiences, it just never ends!

When we exited the house all of the Saturday Evening Post covers were on display. They are not the original art work but are original covers and were arranged by decade. This was a highlight for all of us as we were able to find every picture we had studied or that was in a book we had read.
It was wonderful to see everything come alive for the kids and to be able to be a part of it. This whole unit study is the reason we homeschool. We were able to learn together and there is nothing more satisfying as a parent than seeing it all click for them right before my eyes!

After the Honeymoon was also one on display at the museum that Paige always liked to go look at. When I gave Paige a list of artists to learn about she chose Rockwell because of how much she liked these two paintings.

Ethan found the first and last covers!

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