Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Fairy Special Class - Winter and Snow, Week 2

Our second week of Fairy Class and the weather cooperated in giving us another blast of cold winter weather to go along with our winter and snow week. It was a busy day making edible snowflakes from tortillas, snowy milkshakes, and snowy fairy houses from sugar cubes. Everything is glittery and sparkling and heavily embellished in this class, it is very much girl world!

We started by folding and cutting our tortilla's just as you would make a snowflake out of paper, except you have to wash your scissors! We then gave them a quick squirt of cooking spray and decorated them with blue sprinkles and powdered sugar to give them a wintry look. They were popped in the oven to get crisp. Check out our cool snowflake shapes. These little fairies are very creative, but most fairies are so they must be the real ones!

Mrs. Walton gave us a quick spray of cooking spray. Then it was time to decorate!

When they came out of the oven they were crispy like tortilla chips but much more beautiful. Fairies love pretty food!

This little fairy even has a sparkly top on!

Fairy friends and what a beautiful crown!

While our tortillas baked we made a home for winter fairies. Those fairies love the snow and cold so we created a house made from icy snow (sugar cubes) and used icing for the mortar. We decorated them with our wintry blue sprinkles. If I were a winter fairy I would feel right at home in these snowy creations!

This one has a touch of spring with some blooms coming up, I think I would move in here.

While we worked Mrs. Walton whipped up a snowy vanilla milkshake with snowballs (marshmallows) on top. Yum!

Good to the last drop!

Fairy Erin loves to hang out with the older fairies who treat her as one of their own.

I would have to say that the milkshakes were quite a hit! We had a lot of projects going on but these fairies followed the fairy friendship code. They were loving, kind, and helpful to each other. And they had fun and laughed.
See you all next week.

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Mom to 5 Boys said...

Yum! What fun winter activities. We did the snowflake tortillas last year. The boys had a blast. Although they weren't happy with blue sprinkles. They had to use all the sprinkles in my cabinet...including Halloween sprinkles! The important thing is that they had fun!