Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Newly Employed

Paige has a job! She is so excited! She has been helping our neighbor for the last couple of months deliver the neighborhood newspaper and she loves doing it. When a route in our neighborhood opened up and she found out, she was all about getting hired. It took a couple of weeks with some phone tag and at one point when the manager didn't call back I thought they had found someone else. As much as I hated for her to be disappointed, such is life and it can be good to learn things like this when you are young. Well, the following week they called and she did get the route. She was so excited to be "hired".
Last week the manager came over and met with us to go over all the information. She told Paige that this is her own business and she is an independent contractor She had to sign her own contract and she has to give two weeks notice when she is ready to give up her route. She has to make a flyer insert to introduce herself to her customers. She is in charge of bagging and delivering 120 papers each Tuesday. Today was our first day delivering and she was beaming. She also had help from some of her friends which made it go alot faster. She is excited about the paycheck as well but I think she is more excited about the actual work. She is feeling very grown up right now!


The Jackson Juniors said...

Way to go, Paige!! Have fun!!

Rob M. said...

Congratulations Paige! When I was a kid, about ... 13, I delivered papers, but it was an everyday kind of thing. No days off! 120 papers sounds like a lot to me! Be careful out there, always look out for cars in driveways. I'm sure you know that, just reminding you!

Your Great Grandpa Mollenauer's first job was as a paperboy. Well, I think it was his FIRST job. Not sure how old he was, maybe 13 or 14.