Monday, June 28, 2010

The Journey Begins

Kyle and Bill safely returned from Germany last Sunday and they left again this morning for Boy Scout camp. Before Kyle left we got the first Germany post together which consists of travel and sleep, or lack of sleep. The first email I received from Bill while they were gone was that out of 50 hours Kyle had slept about six! He has never been one to sleep on planes or in cars and I guess no matter how tired he is he still can't do it! They missed their connecting flight from Frankfurt to Berlin giving them a six hour layover at the end of a nine hour flight. Kyle was able to sleep in the Frankfort airport, the picture above is before he got himself settled and dozed off. The hotel they stayed in was really more like mini apartments. They had a small kitchen, living and dining areas. It was perfect for the three of them. More posts to follow when Kyle returns
from camp. All I can say is that the boy is having an awesome summer. He is a fantastic kid and so deserves to have these adventures. I am so glad that he is having this time with his Dad. I know how important it is to Bill to spend time with his boys. He missed doing these types of activities and trips with his dad and I know how much it means to both Kyle and Bill to be able to share this summer together. 

So tired he slept in his clothes! Bill said he woke up Wednesday and said he slept great and felt like his normal self. On Tuesday they went on a six hour walking tour of Berlin. Bill said Kyle was like a zombie he was so tired but he absorbed all the information! The kid can literally learn history in his sleep!

The mini apartment, hotel. Great location to the subway and very close to Brandenberg Gate and the American Embassy.
The subway system I have read is one of the best. They became experts quickly since this was their main form of transportation. Kyle has a great subway story to share and I promised him I would not tell it until he could write about it.

More posts to follow when Kyle returns from camp. He is having such a great summer and learning so much from all he is doing. I'm so excited for him!


Rob M. said...

It's lookin' good so far. I'm anxious to read more, and see more pictures.

It's SO nice that Bill & Kyle got to have a trip like this! Not MY cup of tea, but fine for them!

Isn't there a week coming up with the Battle of the Bulge group, or something like that, too?


Gretchen said...

Can't wait to read & see more!!! Love the pic of K-man on the seats in the airport!