Friday, June 18, 2010

Ethan Day

Today was officially known as Ethan Day. For Ethan's birthday in May, Nancy (our extra grandma!) told him she was taking him out for a day of whatever he would like to do. So today was the day to cash in and what a day they had! I dropped him off to Nancy at 9:45 and they hopped into her adorable red Mini Cooper (one of the highlights of hanging out with Nancy is riding in her car) and headed to Chestnut Ridge Park. They hiked a couple of miles and then stopped off at Sycamore Creek to look aound. For lunch he chose Arby's and then they headed to Graeters for ice cream. Next stop was Barnes and Noble where he was treated to a couple of new books before finishing off with seeing Toy Story 3.
They were both beaming when he returned home at 4:30. Nancy is one special lady and my children are so very lucky to have her in their lives. Thank you so much Nancy for giving Ethan a special day. He had a wonderful time, I have heard all about it tonight. I know that he had fun with everything that you did but what he really treasured was being with you.

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Gretchen said...

Way too much fun!!! Ethan is going to have a take a break from all of his fun just to rest!