Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lindy's Big Sis

Lindy has dance this summer, two hours every Tuesday evening. She practices with her competition team, ballet, technique, gymnastics. She loves it. Tonight when I picked her up she had this adorable t-shirt on. All the girls are assigned a big sis from the Junior team and Lindy and Lexi really hit it off this year. Lindy thinks Lexi is an awesome dancer (she is!) and she aspires to be a "dancer like Lexi." Lexi made this cute shirt for Lindy, the back says Lexi's little sis and Lexi has a matching one that says Lindy's big sis on the back.
So very cute! I have to get a picture of them together, they even look alike! I love that Lindy has someone to look up to and I know she will make a great big sis someday.

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