Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Nidly is Lindy's new nickname, Lindy with the letters switched. It's not to tease her or poke fun at her but its an affectionate nickname so that she knows having Dyslexia and Dysgraphia is nothing to be embarrassed by. Bill can come up with nicknames for the kids within seconds of birth and he had this one by the time we got home yesterday from meeting with the evaluator who spent two days testing her. Bill beat me home and she was waiting in the driveway for us. She wanted to know what her test results were. She requested a special meeting in our bedroom with the door closed, she wanted it all laid out. We were told she is quite a problem solver which is typical for people with dyslexia. Which makes perfect sense since she has been having to problem solve up until now in how she learns and grasps things. At first she said "this sucks" and Bill told her no its great! We know that Lindy learns differently and we know how to teach you. We have to work hard and start over but that she can fix it and we will help her. That put a smile on her face and she said she can't wait to read, everything!
Bill and I are not ones to shy away from a problem, we plow straight ahead to find the best solution. Thankfully we found a wonderfully helpful person to guide us through the process, who happens to be dyslexic herself. Many who have it turn to helping others since they have struggled to adapt.
I knew something was not right and followed my gut. I have the usual mommy guilt that I should have seen it sooner. Looking back over the last three years so many things make sense. She was so very excited to learn to read, she loved to go to the library. That all fizzled out quickly. She lost interest and struggled and then I think she lost her confidence. Seeing that Paige was blowing past her in spelling and reading had her very upset and feeling not so smart.
But that is over and we are on a new path! Lindy is so motivated I'm sure that we will move ahead quickly.We will be spending a lot of time together, just the two of us which does not happen often since she is the little mama of the kids and very independent. I just finished reading her 45 page summary report from testing, one sentence at the end sums it all up, "Lindy is a hard-working, sweet, dyslexic and dysgraphic child." That she is.


Kristen said...

God knew what he was doing giving her to you and Bill. I'm sure this is and will be challenging, but He couldn't have picked anyone better to teach Lindy (or to love her!)!

The Jackson Juniors said...

I have to agree with Kristen! You two are not afraid of what lies in front of you, you both embrace what is there and you always find a way to work through it and your children are truly lucky to have such wonderful and devoted parents. I admire you and Bill - you both are so strong and encouraging!!

Laura said...

Oops! That's from Laura not Kristen! You would think she'd use her own computer....GAH!

Gretchen said...

Lindy-loo you ARE my NIECE!! Talk to Grommy as I had delayed speech as child. I think that had an impact on my learning as well but you will get through it. I am convinced as well that I have a little dyslexia as well just today I spelled the name Cheryl as Cherly. AND I am definitely a problem solver just like you! Learning in a new way will just make your all the wiser! Love you Aunt G