Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heavy Metal

There is some serious metal going on here. Both Lindy and Paige have had their top and bottom expanders since last fall. Paige got her top braces in April. Due to an appliance breakage, Lindy got off schedule and didn't get her braces until today and then got both the top and bottom. This is in addition to still having her expanders. To say she was miserable tonight was an understatement. She was in tears and that was on Motrin. Poor little girl, she was such a trooper with getting them on and then some other adjustments but she hit a serious wall tonight.
Paige although a little sore from some changes they made to her braces left with great news. She will not be getting bottom braces at all! She was SO excited. Her teeth have moved so much she will be getting her bottom expander out in August and replacing it with a retainer. Lindy took that in stride, she knew her mouth was tighter than Paige's and at this point she may even have to have some teeth extracted even with doing all of this metal work.
In the mean time we continue to spend 45 minutes in the bathroom each evening, combined, to get through all the appliance and braces cleaning! I'm hoping to get them out of their's before Ethan gets his or I will be in there all night! But they do look cute!


Laura said...

Poor Lindy! I hope she feels better soon. I remember those days!

Rob M. said...

When your Great Uncle Bobby was about 11 or 12, he had to get braces. Wait, I'm talking in the 3rd person. I had to get braces. They didn't make them as high quality as they are now. If I had gotten the kind they have NOW, my teeth would be straight.

All I can really say is "look out for somebody with a magnet!"