Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girl Scout Camp

It's that time of year again, camp! We are a very lucky Girl Scout group. Our service unit sponsors it's own day camp right here in Pickerington. Each year for a week in June, the Pickerington Girl Scouts have run of the local park and it is transformed into a day camp. We have fun filled days with crafts, camp songs, games, cooking, creeking, hiking, and so much fun. The days are long, we leave at 8:15 and don't get home until 3:45 , and the days are hot and very humid. But any other way would not be camp!
This year was Erin's first year. She is not an official Girl Scout since she doesn't start Daisies until this fall but we were able to bump her up to the first unit so she can have full participation. To say she was excited would be an understatement. The picture above is her backpack, hat, and shoes waiting by the door. After the first day when she went to bed she said she could hardly wait to go back. What an awesome way to spend your summer when you are five. She feels so grown up!
Lindy and Paige are in my unit along with some of the girls from our troop. They were excited to see many of the girls they met last year who returned along with our helpers. Our theme this year is the Olympics, Silver and Gold Games, each day at the end of camp we have the entire camp of girls compete in a fun game. Yesterday was a spoon/egg race and today was a sponge contest to see which team could fill a sponge with water and squeeze the most water into a bucket. For an added treat today the Fire Department stopped by with their hose and soaked all the girls. Erin and Paige were drenched and Lindy was a bit more timid. Erin came and pulled her into the water and got her soaked as well.
We are tired when we get home but what a great summer, they are making so many memories! Tomorrow is cooking day which is always a high light of the week. More fun pictures to follow....


Whitney said...

What a blast! I think with how hot it has been the water activities would definitely be my favorite. Keep drinking water, Girl Scouts! Hope the rest of the week is as much fun...although with those cute girls I don't think that will be a problem! p.s. Love that Erin is adorable AND organized...you go girl!

Gretchen said...

The best picture is the one of Erin pushing Lindy!! Erin I love your hat! Have a great rest of your week girls!