Sunday, May 16, 2010

We Walked for Jonah

Mary, Paige, Erin, and Lindy before the race.

Jonah did it again. He took a cloudy, breezy day and made it beautiful and sunny just in time for Pickerington to share with his family a celebration of his life. The "I Run for Jonah" race had been planned for months, before Jonah lost his battle waiting for a new heart. But the race went on as planned. So many people showed up to walk and run it lifted my spirits to see how many people support Jonah's family. They are such strong people and I can't imagine how difficult their days are. I hope this lifted their spirits as well.
Erin said she was not doing a race unless she could win and she took off running. My little girls were so excited to participate in this event. I think it was a way for them to feel they were doing something to contribute. We intended to just do the 1 mile family walk but Erin was not going to stop. She slowed down after she made it a mile and we helped her out along the way. The girls had their friend Mary along who helped me give Erin piggy backs while Bill helped the girls with a couple of rides.
Ethan came in at 43 minutes and Kyle was just behind him. All the girls wanted to cross the finsh line by themselves. They came in at 58 minutes to a cheering crowd that included Jonah's family. They were so proud they made it the whole way! I am proud of all of them for pushing themselves to the end and wanting so much to do something special for someone else.

Ethan and Nathan

Ethan, Nathan, and Mitch, Jonah's Sunday School classmates.

The crazy ladies from Peace!

Go girls!

Samantha and Emily - Ethan's fan club!

A little help along the way from Dad!

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