Friday, May 14, 2010

Girl Night/Boy Weekend

Two weeks ago the boys headed out for the 100 year Boy Scout Jamboree Celebration. While they were camping (in the rain!) the girls and I were having girl weekend! And it was girl world!
We started Friday evening with dinner, a walk, ice cream, and a sleep over in my room. Saturday we worked all day cleaning their American Girl Doll room organizing all of the accessories and clothes. It was quite the project but we played while we cleaned. After all day cleaning we headed to Olive Garden  to meet Gretchen, Whitney, Grommy, Mimi, Nancy, Mary, and Lydia. We all had a great evening and the girls had so much playing with Lydia.
The fun continued the next evening when we went to a Mother Daughter dinner at church. The theme was dolls and the girls had to take their favorite dolls to dinner. How convenient that we could find everything since we had cleaned!
Even through the rain the boys had a great weekend and so did we, we just stayed dry!
Lydia was so spoiled by all the Miller girls!
Erin had to sit right next to Lydia, so cute.

Thanks for joining us!

Lindy looks a little bit like Whitney....

Paige was such a goof!


The Jackson Juniors said...

So glad you girls had such a great weekend!! Too bad the boys got wet, but hey we know boys won't melt but girls on the other hand think they will. LOL

Rob M. said...

I hope you all have nice weather. I was out a little bit ago, and it says 105ยบ. Doesn't feel THAT hot, but it is quite warm! I hope all the BOYS and the GIRLS all have good times this weekend! Away from each other should be fun!


Gretchen said...

I had so much fun!! And it sounds like the boys had fun too!!